Let’s go beyond the body, past the mind, and merge with the consciousness


“Your reality is the projection of your sub conscious mind. If you want to create a lasting change, you must get past the body and the mind and create a shift in the consciousness. Yoga is a  technology  of consciousness that avails you of this possibility.”

Rajah Sharma

How can we serve you?

Yoga Practitioner

Are you stressed? Would you like to restore peace and balance in your life? Are you struggling with a particular area of your life? Is Health, wealth, relationship or perhaps depression, worry or fear are creating havoc in your life?
Did you know that yoga can help you resolve any or all of the above issue? Yoga can help you go beyond body and mind and once you are in the field of higher intelligence, anything is possible.Yoga is a techology to help you create a shift in the consciousness, to create lasting

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Yoga Teacher

Are you a yoga teacher? Would you like to enhance your knowledge so your clients can be better served? Would you like to create a flow of revenue? Are you running from studio to studio and working different schedules?.

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Non-yoga Patron

Do you want to create a lasting change in your life? Is there a particular area of your life that needs attention? Are you stuck in a pattern of struggle, lack and limitation? Do you need a break through?
We all are looking to get to the next level. We all are looking for something that, we feel will complete us. Be it love, money, success, fame or any other aspect of our life. It seems like everyone has that one thing that eludes them and we keep on running after it. We also know that it is our self limiting beliefs that stop us.

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